DorothyWhy do you disappear on me like this?(24.05.2020, 12:44)(12:44)0
Are you still there?
(23.05.2020, 20:10)(20:10)0 and, 19:49)(19:49)0
GuestCan you send your email address? I  will collect the addresses of everyone else.(23.05.2020, 19:48)(19:48)0
GuestThis is the nieces, they are trying to get access to the page but can not(23.05.2020, 19:47)(19:47)0
DorothyWho am I talking to?(23.05.2020, 19:45)(19:45)0
give us you email addresses. She will send the list and you can take your pick
(23.05.2020, 19:45)(19:45)0
DorothyMother wants to send the list of thing that need doing. Thank for the offer.(23.05.2020, 19:45)(19:45)0
DorothyHave you all contacted Gina yet?(23.05.2020, 19:44)(19:44)0
DorothyGlad you can make it. Feel free to change you name in the lower left hand icon(23.05.2020, 19:43)(19:43)0
No neither too much spyware
(23.05.2020, 19:43)(19:43)0
Guest Hi Dorothy, There are several people connected to a what’s app group chat and they are asking if you need help with the obituary and other planning. Let us know in which capacity you would like us to assist. (23.05.2020, 19:43)(19:43)0
GuestHi good afternoon, we are here . I’m texting to represent the family . They are asking if you have google chat or zoom in order to do an audio call. (23.05.2020, 19:41)(19:41)0
DorothyMaggie?(23.05.2020, 19:28)(19:28)0
Hello? anyone here?
(23.05.2020, 19:14)(19:14)0

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