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Are we ready for the World?

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We are advised that during the ninth month of this year 2019, there will be an infusion of global investors arriving in the family of islands, called the Bahamas. They will be able to operate business, bring their employees with them and purchase property.

How will local employment opportunities be altered?

How will this migration alter our definition of what it means to be a Bahamian? That is, what impact will it have on where and how well we live and our cost of living?

Will our tradiditional island environment survive the "look-a-like urban skyline of concrete, steel and glass, short lived, cheap labour driven developmental frenzy that is to follow?

How long will it be before our tropical coastline is replaced by an urban, metropolitan skyline?

We know that Tourism is the engine that drives our economy. The majority of our population relies totally on the visitor for our daily bread. But, today we can see Florida style development in progress in Nassau Harbour on a historical site and the Cable Beach strip. One can suppose that our history is about to change in ways that none can predict.

How much significance can be placed on a past that is due to be replaced as the twenty-first century proceeds towards its first quarter?

Social media is now the major influence in the lives of our future generations. In spite of this, how can we hold on to the basics and develop the future of our Bahamian culture? Can it live in this time of rapid and unprecedented global changes? With all this in mind we need to examine why our visitors travel to our shores? Will any distinctions remain that cause them to come our way?

What stories can be carved that speak to the urbanisation of the island of New Providence? These may or may not be some of the challenges facing the Bahamas Tourism Professional.

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