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Pretty Sistars Must have Cover-ups & Nite Time Cuteness






 Wig making to Rest that 'Froness



Stay Fresh & Adorable



*1.000 shower caps

*Toilet Seat Oversized with Cover/Round Or Elongated Toilet Bowls/Weight Capacity 800 lbs.

*Bidet= Easy Freshen-up w/Water Spray/Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet/Toilet Seat Attachment

*Bidet = Fresh Water Spray/Non-Electric/Bidet Toilet Attachment/Dual Cleaning Nozzle/No more messy toilet paper wiping, just pad dry the area after cleansing thoroughly/keeps your hand off touching as much as possible/Suitable for all ages= children/elders/loved ones who need to be specially taken care of

*Elevated Raised Toilet/Seat/Removable padded Arms/Standard Seat/holds 300 lbs.

*Long Reach wiper Extends Reach 15"/Grips Toilet Paper or Pre-Moisened Wipes

*Toilet Seat Covers Disposable/80 Count Flushable Potty Protectors/Adults & Kids/Portable Size for Travel & Daily Use

*Toilet Seat with Built-in Potty Training Seat will Reduce Aggravation & Clutter/Slow Close/Round/Durable Enameled Wood

Bidet Electric Toilet Seat/Control Panel/Smart Heated/Warm Air Dryer/Temperature Controlled Wash Function



 Making Elders & Patients Necessary Body care Easier


*Folding Commode Chair w/Wheels & Pedal/350 LBS Weight Capacity/4 in 1 Multifunctional Portable Heavy Duty Bidet/Shower/Bath Chair/for Elders/Disabled People/Pregnant Women

*Commode Chair/Adjustable Height/Extra Wide Ergonomic Seat/Gray

*Squatty Toilet Stool/Wood Bathroom Step Stool Squat/Anti Slip Layer/Adults and Elders/Potty Training for Kids, Toddlers/Portable/350 lbs Capability/No Installation

 *360 Degree Rotating Shower Chair/Adjustable Shower Stool/Tub Chair/Bathtub Seat Bench/Anti-Slip Rubber Tips 

 *Stainless Steel Bathroom Bidet Sprayer Set/Baby Cloth Diaper Sprayer/Wall or Toilet Mount 



Now, Dear ones can Come, & in Comfort too

*Travel w/this 300-Lb. Weight capacity/Lightweight/User-Friendly Wheelchair/Flip-Back/Desk-Length Arms Make it easy to Navigate Under Tables/Elevating Leg Rests for Extra Comfort/18 or 20 inch Seat

*Transport chair/300 lb weight capacity/travel light while making outings and/or rehab situations easier/Simple-folding design is great for travel and storage


 Creative & w/Savings


 *Wax Dye/DIY Candle Dye Flakes for Hemp Candle Wicks/for Making Scented Candles 

*48 Color Glitter Powder/Sequins/Slime/Arts and Crafts/Acrylic Powder

*25 Color Set [Huge 250g/8.82oz] Mica Powder/Epoxy/Resin/Color Pigment/Soap Making/Bath Bomb Colorant/Slime Supplies,


Gonna Stay So-o-o-o-o-o Fine!!! So Healthy

*Shake-Up-Ya-Self Whole Body Vibration Platform Training/Exercise Fitness Machine

*Glass Hydrogen Generator Water Bottle/SPE PEM Technology/Water Ionizer


Come, Let's GO!

*African Kente Gym bag Sports Travel Duffle Bags/Men Women Boys Girls


M'Sistars, Need Hair Cover-up Times? Our "Original Human" Look can Easily be Maintained by Pure Souls_ those Respecting the Countless Sacrifices of Ancients to Keep Us UNIQUELY BEAUTIFUL & Looking like our REAL Selves. So ignore the Weak, Confused, Imitators of the Unreal & Stay Your Ever Loving, BEAUTIFUL Self in SOUL+MIND+BRAIN+BODY. 'Tis HEAVEN'S MANDATE, Yo.























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