An up close & personal adventure!
Everything under the sun for loving couples or family fun.
Snorkeling, shelling, spearfishing, cave exploration, cliff jumping, bonfire.
Pick and choose whatever you want.
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Adelaide Adventures!
Your adventure begins on historic Adelaide Beach where a boat ride leads to reef shoal snorkeling.

See exotic species of fish in their natural habitat.

Collect beautiful shells lining cay shores.

Explore caverns used by Pyrates.

Enjoy a thrilling cliff jump.

Then its on to spearfishing, bringing home the days' catch to a bonfire on a secluded beach.

Whether you are a newlywed couple, celebrating your anniversary or a family out for fun, enjoy island living at its best!
Action, adventure under the sea.
1 hour. $100

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Couples Package
Adelaide Creek where secluded streams meet ocean among mangroves and sand terraces.
5 hours. $750

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3's Company

Fun for three!
5 hours. $1,000

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Family Package

Fun for the whole family.
4 or more. 5 hours $2,100

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