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I'm nCash, a media and music producer with an extensive background in animation, art, destination management, film production services, herbal/rejuvenation therapy, publishing and radio publicity.  

Check out my growing library of music designed with the listeners' well being in mind. Subscribe for unlimited access all year!

Each track is lovingly crafted as a radio ready mantra of positive affirmation and empowerment, complete with a sing-along (or rap-along) video for your daily dose of restorative sonic therapy.

Words, melody and rhythm, are combined with asmr, rife, binaural and chroma-image therapy into an audio/visual journey; guiding the soul through this School of Life.

Bathe yourself in the healing sounds of Bahamas Up Close and be your own fountain of youth.

Speaking of fountains, I'm a firm believer in Dr. Emoto's "Water Consciousness" which proved that water is shaped by sound, intent and intensity. This means positive affirmations condition water memory. And since the human body is composed of 70% water it behooves us all to verbally affirm and proclaim that which makes us happy, healthy and whole.

Subscribe to Bahamas Up Close Sounds, and be "Better in the Bahamas" everyday.

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