Book your 2 for 1 Vacay…TODAY!!!

Buy one vacay and get the next one free of charge, any cruise ship, any hotel/resort, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!
  • Step 1: Book a short trip (flight or cruise ship) to the Bahamas. 1-3 nights or 1-2 weeks.
  • Step 2: Attend a 90 minute tour at the Pointe in Historic Downtown Nassau. Choose between breakfast 9:30 or noon lunch.
  • Step 3: Receive two $500 travel vouchers, good for year with any cruise ship or hotel anywhere in the world: Switzerland, Ireland, Vegas, Jamaica, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Dubai. The choice is yours.


One voucher can get you 7 nights. Two vouchers will get you a luxury suite. Alternatively you can also use one voucher in one country and the other voucher in the next country if you want 2 fr 1 vacay! You decide, the vouchers are good for one year so you can sit on them for up to maybe 6 months and then use them however you need.

How is this all possible?

Well Covid-19 shutdowns deeply affected the travel industry. It has forced vacation clubs, hotels, resorts and cruise ships to reduce prices and partner with one another in order to jump start business.
So take full advantage and treat yourself and your family to the vacation of your dreams.

Whats the catch?

  1. You must be between the ages of 28-70
  2. You must be a resident of U.S. or Canada
  3. You must have a major credit card (no debit card) or credit score of 680 and above.
Don’t worry. No one will touch or charge your card, nor will we check your credit score. You just go to Capital One, Experian or Kredit Karma to get a screenshot of your credit score. Credit score trumps credit card so if you have a credit score of 680 and above there are more prizes for you.
For your credit card, just cover the number with your finger. We just need see your name on it. You simply flash your card or credit score screenshot at the front desk to verify your qualifications for receiving your gifts and prizes.
See these companies will come under negative scrutiny if they give away 1k or more in gifts and prizes to persons who do not have qualifying credit cards or credit scores.

What else do I get?

For cruise ship visitors:

  1. Free transportation back to the cruise port and or if you prefer free transportation to Paradise Island to see Atlantis or Cabbage Beach
  2. Free souvenir kit which includes Bahamas ladies handbag and Bahamas fishing cap.
  3. $50 cold cash for dinner at Arawak Cay or shopping at the world famous Nassau Straw Market.

For Resort/Hotels visitors:

  1. Free City Tour of Historic Nassau which includes visiting Parliament House,  the Queen’s Staircase, John Watlin’s Distillery, Chocolate, Rumcake and Cigar making factories.
  2. 20% off any next day excursion or boat trip
  3. $100 cold cash for dinner at Arawak Cay or shopping at the straw market.

What do I need to do to get started?

Just fill out the form below. Your $20 is fully refundable when you present your I.D. to the front desk at The Pointe. You get your $20 back.
The Pointe downtown Historic Nassau, Bahamas
The Pointe downtown Historic Nassau, Bahamas