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Destiny's Dilly ebook

Destiny's Dilly. (All ages) 

Beautiful black ants and ambitious anoles have to decide what to do about the first dilly of the season.

Ants, frogs, bees, lizards and butterflies co-exist in The Faunahood™, a tropical backyard garden. Here, amazing adventures take place.

Faunahood residents decide to co-operate with one another to avoid the Angry Red Ant Army™, the Dirty Den of Ratty Rats™ and the Beaky Birds of Prey™.

This all-age novel informs and entertains readers about Bahamian ecology, geography and social responsibility. Full Colour illustrations. 132 pages.

 Destiny's Dilly © 2020 BahamasUpClose and NooSkool Publishing

Read chapter six of Destiny's Dilly, written/illustrated by Eric Patrick "Pat" Cash.


Ana agrees with them about the anoles awful, brutal behaviour. She thinks about their recent and past history. Then, a noo thought from Mudda flashes across her mind: “RECIPROCITY.”

“But wait,” she replies, “what if we share it with them, and, in exchange they help us get the dilly home fast, fast, even faster than we can?”

Every ant light dims in surprised dismay. They had anticipated her supporting the Antity position. A chorus of “NO! NO! NO!” sonics out from every antennae. They do not like the notion and for good reason. It must be some sorta trick! No sane ant wants an aggravating anole hanging outside the most civilized Antity in this Faunahood!

A "Let's talk" signal flashes in unison calling for an ad-hoc link up. Ana flashes her antenna in response. The aligned ants step forward to assume the “glow ring” ceremonial circle. Then everyone touches antennae tips and a central, fabulous, luminous light glows over their heads. It slowly moves down to include their thorax and abdomen's heart level. Now, they are in deep discussion within the blink of an adroit ant eye.

“This dilly is just too big for us to carry up and over the canvas,” Ana begins. “we need to move it in a hurry before everybody else finds out about it. When they find out, they will step all over us. Some of us might even get eaten too.” 
Loud gasps erupt from the shocked and distraught glow ring. 

Sekai adds, “There are just too many, out-of-control, greedy predators about.” 

The amenable ants overstand this but are still divided with misgivings. Their antenna lights glow in agreement or flash in disagreement.

Mema [meh-MAH] agrees with Ana, “I see how that might work.”

Tisha [Teesh-ah], a ghost ant, triple flashes her antenna in disagreement. “NO! NO! NO! MUDDO FLIP! What’s with you, Ana?! You know that accosting anoles are a menace to Antity! Do you not KNOW who you are talking about? How can we possibly TRUST them?”

“Yes you are right, my sistah,” flashes Bela [Beh-lah], a silver black ant. “Now, I'm not saying that ALL of them are lazy, snatching thieves, but most are so-o-o-o-o e-vile. They swoop down and wrongfully grab up what's ours. They seem to want to starve us to death!”

Laah [La-ah], a firey, muscular, black ant breda flashes a bright yellow caution light. "Any-trail, we all know that they ARE the TYPE of snatchy, grabby anoles we cannot trust.”


Tisha flashes, "Overstand, they don’t have any commonsense. All they do is sink low and act vicious. Why? Because they are too lazy to do for themselves. They go all over the place bothering and taking from Mudda knows who!”

Bela [Beh-lah] sends an interjecting flash, "Don't lie on Mudda, She knows nothing of such slackers!”

Jomo, [JOH-moh] a ghost ant, glows indignantly, "Here we are, always taking care of our own biz, yet, Antity is under constant threat from them invading our territory; taking over our hard-worked-for resources, food, water and worst, our eggs and dear larvae!”

"RIGHT OUT OF OUR MANDIBLES, FROM OVERHEAD, AS WE PASS BY” flashes an enraged Juru [Joo-roo], at maximum volume!!! He is a silver black ant. A famous champion and hero. Everyone shrinks back from the intense heat and sonic level of his antenna frequency.

Then, the group does a “healing vibe” with glowing antennae. They catch Juru up in a colourful Ray-O circle. They sooth him down in nooity with their healing antenna glow. They breathe together chanting “YO” softly, to bring everyone into a calm state again.

Gamba, [Gahm-bah] the most buff of giant Protectors wonders, “Think about it. They may SAY that they are taking it to OUR colonies, but they could steal it and take it to their nests.”

“Think about it, again,” opines Fola [FOH-lah] the calm one, a soft spoken ghost ant. “Who knows if we shall ever see that dilly again?”

Ana overstands. She knows Mudda's RULES of this HOUSE makes certain demands on true leaders. She knows the group’s hopes and aspirations are to be taken into account. She knows all harmonious leaders must request and respond to everybody’s focused point of view. This even applies to Dada’s Noo-niverse. Taking a deep breath after much thought, she gives a decisive antenna glow. 
“Seems, m'sistrin and m'bredrin,” she calmly points out, “they could have done that already. They ARE bigger, swifter and could have taken it and harmed us before now. Yet, they did not. Why is that?”

“Hm-m-m yes, this is true,” Bela glows and sounds a strange thought, “could it be that these two are different, now?”

Fola glows in amazed agreement, “True Bela, remember, they did something strange for anoles and asked us if WE wanted some help.”

The naturally enthusiastic, appreciative ants laugh at the uniqueness of their situation, before all of them fall silent in deep thought. Then, the central antenna light bursts super bright into a fabulous agreement glow.

Why, you ask, because they comprehend just how perfectly nooifying Mudda’s NooDo is. "MUDDO FLIP!" Their delighted glow is brighter-than-bright as they realise they are being assisted by down-pressers with a change of heart. This is a noo situation. “Well, MUDDO!” Who would’ve thought it?

“M’noos,” Ana flashes, looking around earnestly, “if we apply the RULES of this HOUSE it can forward this work. I think this must be the promised ‘TIME COME’ of Dada’s prophecy of ‘ONENESS.’ Who agrees with me that Maa’s NooDo Pledge is the only thing that could inspire them to assist us? With their help this dilly can be taken home "quick so," quicker than by ourselves. By sharing, we give them incentive.”

There is a light violet flash of agreement and overstanding of one thing: getting that dilly home is top priority.

Stepping out of the glow circle they face Zinzo who is leaning forward eaves-dropping on what they are talking about. He is still straining to hear when they suddenly turn, see his nosey snout and as a group they “stare him down” with “one cut eye.” [16]

Embarrassed, he looks at Boozi and pats his belly. “Well, if you let us have a go at that dilly, we might be able to lessen the load. HA, HA, HA!” He blusters nervously.

Both he and Boozi laugh so hard at the joke that it takes a few long seconds for them to realise that once again their self-absorbed humour does not amuse the altruistic ants. Little did they know that to ants, joking about taking more than your share is not funny at all, but is known as "cray-cray," a mental illness. Ants are motivated by cooperation and accountability. They NEVER think to keep the colony's resources for private use. To them, that is short sighted, brutish stupidity. It is, selfish aggrandizement_ a sure sign of insanity. [16a].

They know that among slack hominin it makes poverty, pain, blocks and imprisons others; especially by hominin with low morals, who deceive and destroy. They are the same unloving hominin that kill our living spaces through heartlessness, ignorance and greed. We might ask, what kind of mentally deformed, low-minded, ill-bred, slack, sub-animal cultures encourage females to raise their young to do that_ at everyone else’s expense? You see them by what they do and don’t do. Antity excludes this attitude by going beyond “the cut direct.”  [17] [17.1-5].

Seeing their scornful expressions, Boozi becomes a negotiator attempting to set them at ease. “Just playing, just playing, y'all, it’s cool. Stay cool. OK? Look here, this is what we are saying.”

He clears his throat and stands between Ana and Zinzo, gesturing to each with both hands. “You are trying to do a hard job and clearly need some help. We could help you with that, straight up.”

All of the amazed ants turn to Boozi. But then, Faa [Faah], a ghost ant, steps forward, “Listen, lazy, t’iefin’ leapers,” he calls them out strongly, “like Mema said, WE found that dilly. WE don’t believe you. WE know how dishonest you are so YOU can’t fool us with talk, and then ‘t’ief’ all. You are MONSTERS!” A loud chorus of defiant voices agree. “Yeah, PROMISES, PROMISES!”

Ana steps next to Faa to speak their group consensus.
“You hear them, right? They do not want to work with you two. But, here’s our deal. If you think of a win-win idea of how you can help transport this dilly, we will share one quarter of it with you.”

At the word “share” Zinzo and Boozi leap to attention but the old Boozi peers at Ana with a keen bartering look. “How much of that dilly did you say you’d share with us?” he asks, while rubbing his ambitious anole dewlap.

Tisha [Teesh-ah] glares at them with one hard cut eye. “Did you two not hear? The group consensus is one quarter and that’s the deal!”

Ana continues to explain. “Overstand, we see your NooDo move. Your volunteerism inspires us to share. We respect you for following it.”

Then smart Bela, true to her name, “bursts forth” with, “Eh, eh! If and ONLY if,” she declares, “you help us get it safely and pure to Sea Grape Hill Colony!” 

Boozi blinks, smiles happily, and sweeps an air dap across Zinzo’s out-stretched palm. He sees the truth of noos treating one another “straight up.” Zinzo, doing a flip and returning the air dap, sounds one of Dada’s thunder joinkanoo beats out of the corner of his mouth. Boozi leaps about, showing his skills, soaring and flying high. He raps to the beat:




A few of the intrigued and amazed ants stare. Most, naturally rhythmic, cannot help but ring-play with wynd-dancing to the sweet joinkanoo beat.

They “shake up” with happiness. But, Una, one of the few not dancing, breaks the spell with a rapid succession of yellow caution flashes. “Antdren and Lizardren, I gotta tell you, getting this dilly back to the Hill RIGHT NOW is critical. Threat-wise we are avoiding red ants, bees and rats everywhere.”

“Listen,” Ana peers at Zinzo and Boozi. “If you seriously want to prove your worth, you will think of a useful plan and tell the group how you two can assist us."

Chapter Six

Discussion Groups or Quiz

Q: What would make you trust a person who has EARNED a bad reputation?

Q: As a leader, how would you show support for group hopes and aspirations?

Q: If getting your home work done right was a priority like getting the dilly home quickly, what would you do differently than now?

Q: If you want to help someone, why is it necessary to ask them first?

Q: Explain in your words what “Time Come” means to you.

Q: What do you think prevents rightful sharing, among some leaders?

Q: What is the one thing all the ants agree on?

Q: Name three things you think all of your classmates can agree on?



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[16] “Cut eye”= A glare of serious disapproval= “You wrong, yo.” (return to chapter spot)
[16a]=Sign of insanity in that lineage/bloodline/genealogy, roots, house, origin, background; strain, race, blood, breeding, NO pedigree. (return to chapter spot)

[17] + 17.1-5]=Beyond the Cut direct=Cut=Detachment, to “ig” / ignore=“To renounce acquaintance.”  [N.B.: Chirren, sometimes in LIFE, unworthy/bothersome people must be CUT from our lives ASAP with an olde action & without use of TRUE, but, cruel, “fightin’ words.”] ; Socially, “There are four sorts of cut.”_ (return to chapter spot)
17.1]=The cut direct, is to start across the street, at the approach of the obnoxious person in order to avoid him/her or “For one person to look directly at another and not acknowledge the other, or, to stare an acquaintance in the face and pretend not to know him/her. [17.5.1]-Emily Post, “The Cut Direct” in Etiquette (1922) ;   [17a] Click to read "The Cut" article.

(return to chapter spot)

[17.2]=The cut indirect, is to look another way, and pass without appearing to observe him.
[17.3]=The cut sublime is to admire the top of a building, or the beauty of the passing clouds, till he/she is out of sight. (return to chapter spot)
[17.4]=The cut infernal=to analyse the arrangement of your shoe-strings or to stoop and adjust your shoes] till the party has gone past. On the other hand, one must not confuse absent-mindedness, or a forgetful memory with an intentional ‘cut.’ Anyone who is preoccupied is apt to pass others without being aware of them, and without the least want of friendly regard. Others who have bad memories forget even those by whom they were much attracted.Click to read "The Cut" article.
This does not excuse the bad memory, but it explains the seeming rudeness. A ‘cut’ is very different. It is a direct stare of blank refusal, and is not only insulting to its victim but embarrassing to every witness. Happily it is practically unknown in polite society.” And then, there’s...(return to chapter spot)
[17.5]=The CUT of The MOST HIGH=The “OMG” scary cut_ “There is a very remarkable [biblical] scripture illustration of the word cut, meaning
to renounce” [to leave]: (return to chapter spot)
‘JEHOVAH took a staff and cut it asunder, in token that He
would break His covenant with His people; and He cut another staff asunder, in token that He would break the brotherhood between Judah and Israel” (Zech. xi. 7–14); [17]-Emily Post, “The Cut Direct” in Etiquette (1922) ;   (return to chapter spot)

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