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Saturday, 27 February 2021 17:46

TeaHut's Kof-E

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Blood sugar control

Weight loss

Boosts immunity

No caffeine

"Tastes like coffee."

Tea Hut® strives to provide a wide array of nutritious support, delicious beverages and energizing tonics.

Our coffee substitute of Kof-E® teas are specifically formulated with your health and enjoyment in mind.

Call 1-242-827-3555 or email to purchase stand-up pouches, sample packets and or cases of both for parties, meetings, office and home use.

Coffee houses, pharmacies and health food stores: receive our extended product list, price sheet and sample packages.

We have a product line of six (6) different Kof-E® teas:


Caffeine free coffee substitute; 


An energy boosting drink more powerful than caffeine. You can run a marathon on this, take a ten minute break and jump back in the game;     


For male virility and performance enhancement. As we age the body becomes more selective about where our blood goes. Sometimes lesser blood vessels and capillaries get left behind. Kof-E-Men® ensures they get their fair share of oxygenated blood. The side effect: increased erections;    


Has muscle recovery properties. Workout less with better results and NO sore muscles;


Immunity booster, providing phytonutients and increased anti-oxidants;   


Simply delicious for those who can't drink coffee for medical or personal reasons but love the aroma, taste and lasting flavour of coffee.



  1. Pour 1–2 tsps Kof-E® contents into cup, or heat-friendly glass jar.
  2. Add 6-10oz. boiled water.
  3. Steep for 5 minutes.
  4. Strain/leave dregs and drink.

Kof-E® served best:

  • With breakfast as a coffee substitute, sometimes with goats milk and coconut sugar to maintain health benefits.
  • Kof-E® tea is the beverage of choice for some people who are trying to eliminate or reduce their coffee caffeine intake. It has an "earthy" or "woody" taste somewhat similar to coffee BUT contains no caffeine.
  • As a High Tea: after a long day’s work with a sandwich or “Guzzy’s Goodys Brownie.”


  • Kof-E® tea (Cichorium intybus and Taraxacum officinale) may increase body temperature. You will feel warmer in winter with a hot cup but in summertime, better enjoyed as an ice cold tea.
  • Our proprietary blend of Kof-E® tea is also a diuretic leading to increased urination. This is a result of your body flushing out toxins and painful fluids causing inflammation.
  • Avoid drinking before bed or during long hauls without bathroom breaks.
  • If you are pregnant and or taking prescription medication, ask your doctor if it is ok to drink Kof-E® tea and how much.




I’m Guzzy Cash from Tea Hut.

I have 25 years’ experience brewing herbal teas that are delicious anti-oxidants. I want to introduce you to a special blend of herbs which detoxify your heart, liver and kidneys. Actually it can do more than all three and tastes just like coffee. This is why we call it Kof-E® tea. It doesn’t have any coffee in it but I can guarantee coffee has some of this in it: Cichorium intybus, an herb found in most major coffee brands. It is the ‘flavour” in coffee flavour.

But it does so much more than give coffee beans better flavour. It is a source of fiber, nutrients and has amazing anti-inflammatory properties. This means aches, pains and even excess water weight vanishes. Our proprietary blend of Cichorium intybus and another herb, Taraxacum officinale, forms a kind of complementary medicine. They mutual enhance one another’s healing properties. Both have liver, digestive health, anti-inflammation and blood sugar control in common. Taraxacum officinale adds that extra boost to your immune system in addition to providing nutrients, phyto-nutrients and anti-oxidants.

There is so much more to tell but it’s better if you experience it for yourself. Steep a sample in a cup of hot water for five minutes, strain dregs and drink it straight just to see what improves. Tell us about it and add to the legend.

Two things are likely: body temperature and urination may increase. Feeling warmer is great during winter months but not in summer.

So instead drink your Kof-E® as an iced tea.

Recommended dosage is two cups a day but not if you work in a hot cramped space with little access to a restroom.

And never drink before bed unless you want to stay awake all night.

If you are pregnant and or take prescription medicine, ask your doctor if you can drink Kof-E® tea and how much.

Otherwise drink and enjoy in the morning and for “high tea” with coconut milk and a little honey.


My best,

Ngozi "Guzzy" Cash (ING-Go-zee)



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