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Ngozi Cash Court Case Documents and Video


My name is Ngozi Adeyemi Ware Cash. My mother Helen and I are two Americans temporarily stranded in the Bahamas until my brother and his lawyer in U.S. can obtain copies of our birth certificates from the New York Department of Health & Mental Hygiene.

New York is currently under post-Covid bureaucratic gridlock. It has been a long fight since 2020.

I am a web designer, eCommerce technician by trade. I am also a freelance booking and customer service agent.

In May 2023 I was unlawfully arrested and detained for 5 days by a rich, powerful, disgruntled ex-employer and his CID police cronies. They put an ankle monitor on me despite the fact that I have proven I am not a flight risk as I have a sick elderly mother to care for and no passport. The institutions who should a copy of our documents don’t and we lost ours to natural disaster.

I am being railroaded by 3rd world judicial politics and I am seeking international assistance. This is an emergency. 

I am the sole caretaker of my mother Helen Sandra Duncan Cash who is a Civil Rights Veteran and suffers from a heart condition, cataracts, glaucoma and seizures  as a result of beatings she endured from police brutality in the 1960’s.

The ankle monitor prevents me from obtaining employment that would allow me to properly care for my mother.

The Supreme Court Justice has displayed wanton partiality and will not remove the ankle monitor. He openly called me  “a fraud.”

My life is on the line as they are already planning to put me on trial 30th October 2023.

Please read my S.O.S document for more details below. Help me shake these Devils off!

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Ngozi Cash Court Case Is the Judge Compromised?

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