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2 for 1 Vacation


2 for 1 Vacation

Duration :   90 Minutes
The Price :   $20.00
Max People :    6
Age Range :   28-70 years
Total Seats :  1/1
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As me how you can get 20% off any tours or excursion plus $1,000 in Travel Vouchers!
$1,000 in FREE Travel Vouchers

If you are staying in the Bahamas as a hotel or cruise ship guest, take the Free Voucher Tour and get up to two $500 travel vouchers at no extra cost.

That’s up to $1000k in travel vouchers towards your next vacay, good for one year!

Any cruise ship, any hotel, anywhere in the world!

Book now!

For U.S. and Canadian residents only.

Due to previous Covid shutdowns, various hotels, cruise lines, tour operators and vacation clubs have partnered to jump start business again. The result: free travel voucher giveaways as part of a marketing campaign.
While they could spend hundreds of thousands paying an actor no one will listen to, in a commercial no one will see, they’d rather spend that money on your word of mouth promotion.


Extra freebies include:
1: Free shuttle round trip pickup/drop-off from your hotel/resort to the Pointe in Downtown historic Nassau.
2: Complimentary Breakfast or lunch
3: $100 Diamonds International Gift Card
4: 20% off any next day excursion for hotel/resort guests or
A: for cruise ship passengers FREE Souvenir Survival kit of fisherman’s hat and lady’s bag.


Additional gifts can include one of the following upon request:
Free Nassau City Tour or
Free Nassau Beach Tour or
Free Nassau Shopping Tour


Minimum requirements: 2 adults. Must have I.D.’s on hand.
Maximum numbers of persons per tour: 6

Tour details:

Attend a virtual tour of your making in our state of the art sales gallery.
You tell us where you want to go. Any fantasy vacation location you have in mind.
We are showing off our brand new online booking platform, similar to Expedia, where you can save up to 70% off on any vacation, anywhere in the world. You are under no obligation to buy.
In fact, don’t buy anything. We are partnered with the largest fulfillment company in the world.
Let the discounts we show you marinate in your mind, so that in a few months down the road when you want to go on your next vacation you will definitely call us.
The Pointe downtown Historic Nassau, Bahamas
The Pointe downtown Historic Nassau, Bahamas

Tour duration: 90 minutes

Benefits: during the presentation you can eat and or drink in a lovely dinning area overlooking a beautiful plaza, bazaar and marina in downtown historic Nassau at The Pointe.



1: At least one adult must be between the ages of 28-70 years.
2: Must flash a major credit card (no debit card.)
Please note we do not touch nor charge card. IT WOULD NOT BE A GIVEAWAY if we did. Simply flash your name on a major credit card at the front desk to prove you are qualified to receive gifts.
3: Married or co-habitating couples must make a combined $60k annually. Singletons, $50k annually.
(Note: Married individuals must be accompanied by spouse otherwise group must sign up for tour as guests of a single friend.)

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