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Monday, 14 June 2021 22:27

Ngozi Cash - Resume'

Ngozi Cash

Nassau, Bahamas

1-242-827-3555 | 1-242-552-4859

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Hi, my name is Ngozi Cash (ING-Go-zee),

In my previous missive I wrote a proposal on the internet and multimedia services I could provide Da Pig Beach establishment.

In this presentation I will cover why I am qualified to be Hostess, IT (Internet Technology) Technician and Publicist for Da Pig Beach. The previous letter was a just a proposal. This is a true resume' of my multi-medi technology, promotions and publicity expertise.

My IT and multi-media experience began in 1997 with my first computer, a little 2 GigaByte Windows 95 Packard Bell PC which I enjoyed taking apart and putting back together. After this machine became outdated I asked my father to buy me another, but he told me if I wanted another computer I would have to build one myself and so I did. Since then I have been creating websites, blogs, social networks and eCommerce portals whenever the opportunity arose: (Transformation Baptist Church,) (Bahamas Movie Data Base) and (eCommerce portal) are a few sites I created.

In my work for Shiver Bahamas, the proprietress wanted a cashless, eCommerce solution for local vendors to restock their supply of her Bahamian flavoured sorbet which came in five flavours: Mango, Tamarind, Guava, Soursop and Tropical.

In addition to my familiarity with computer hardware I also spent countless hours training to become proficient in the following software programs (the entire Adobe Suite actually) specifically: Adobe Photoshop (digital painting), Adobe Illustrator (vector graphics), Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere (video SFX and editing); Toon Boom Animate Pro (flash based animation) and DAW (digital audio workstation) music production multi-track software: Ableton Live 9 and n-Track Studio; Adobe InDesign, EPubor and Sigil (print and digital e-book publishing software.)

I’m just as familiar in basic administrative software: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Publisher, Outlook and Access.) I can write budgets and keep track of appointments and deliveries, including data analysis.

My acumen made me invaluable to my late father and in the early noughties (2000’s) I worked as office administrator for his business Bahamas Up Close Productions. We provided production services to motion pictures, music videos and photo shoots visiting these islands.

A few of which are:

“Into the Blue” (Paul Walker, Jessica Alba),


James Bond 21, “Casino Royale” (Daniel Craig),


Italian hit movie “Matrimonial alle Bahamas;” (Wedding in the Bahamas)


 “Endless Love” (Lionel Richie, Shania Twain)

 Bahamar and recently Kalik beer.


Our work included production management, sourcing and providing vehicles, casting services, providing assistant directors and PA’s (production assistants.) The bulk of our services involved scouting locations, even brokering the use of the Bacardi tank for under water sequences, processing passports for cast and crew in addition to data cataloging film equipment for customs. All of this was done in co-operation with the Bahamas Film Commission which at the time was headed by Craig Woods.


Alas, the Bahamas Film Commission no longer offers incentives for motion pictures and so our company turned towards tourism, providing excursions, school field trips and after school programs for Bahamian children (tennis and soccer.) At the time, physical educators complained that young children lacked hand-eye co-ordination and so in conjunction with Honorable Minister Dr. Daniel Johnson, former Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, we coordinated events (Summer Jubilee) and programs “Culture Club” and “Tennis Clinic” at the Carmichael Community Center and Gerald Cash Primary School respectively. These programs focused on rapping, “spoken word,” drama, dance, music and athletics.

My job was to take the raw video and or audio footage and turn it into a presentation for parents and teachers to see and enjoy. This provided me invaluable experience and showcased young Bahamian talent. During that time we also wrote a full colour children’s novel (Destiny’s Dilly) for the Ministry of Education’s school curriculum.

As a result I have more than 20 years’ experience in office administration, multi-media production (live videos, animation multi-track music,) graphic design (logos/characters), publishing (booklets/novels/ebooks) and IT Services blogs/website/social networks.

After my father’s unexpected passing in May 2020, I had to become the breadwinner in the family. I applied my multi-media know-how to social media networking and promotion. In late 2020 I worked as a publicist booking economists, actors, activists and politicians on New York Radio and Detroit radio (WBAI Radio 99.5 FM “From the Streets with Bob Law.) 

Host Bob Law is a well-established, highly respected professional broadcaster who brings a local as well as national following. He is also the Producer of the documentary film, "Say it Loud," which is a feature length film about the state of Black radio today, its relationship with the recording industry, and the importance of independent voices on the public airwaves for the Black community.

His weekly show is also broadcast on Detroit’s 910 AM Superstation.  

I booked Actor/Activist Tony Goldwyn (from the movie “Ghosts” and wildly popular TV show “Scandal”) who spoke extensively on prison reform; economist Wendi White (noted or her expertise on Black Spending, Smart Dollar) and now serving Philadelphia Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta, American activist and politician famous for his fight against voter suppression. This fight has roots in the civil right movement of the 1960’s

Tony Goldwyn


Wendi White


Re. Malcolm Kenyatta 

While this experience was stimulating it was not lucrative, so I turned my sights towards becoming a Travel Advisor with InteleTravel (IATA/ARC No.:10-548020.) Covid-19 restrictions ruined that and so now my main focus is to support my mother Helen, who despite her being a lovely 74 year old, suffers from a serious heart condition. For all of my technical abilities, I feel I should have been a doctor. For I can build a computer, but I cannot rebuild her heart.

Below are a few samples of my work, web, graphic, video, audio production and publicity services. There is a lot more stored on old drives. But I would need more time to catalogue it all.


Ngozi Cash Web/IT Services Portfolio – Political Campaign banner and website

+++ – Transformation Baptist Church Social Network



Shiver Sorbet eCommerce Portal




Bahamas Movie DB


 Ngozi Cash – Art Portfolio, Copyright -2021

Water Water – Hurricane Katrina tribute single, poster and album cover



Fyre Byrdz Soccer Club – Banner and T-shirt for Gerald Cash Primary, sponsored by Rotary International




Destiny’s Dilly – Children’s illustrated novel










 Big BahPa – Bahama Parrot Bedtime posters | Big BahPa Beach




3AM – Three Drummers poster


Hidden Treasure – painting  (digital)


Animation work:



Music Portfolio

Water Water – Silence

 “No Bullying Allowed” – Culture Clubb Kids


Publicity Portfolio

New York WBAI Radio 99.5 FM “From the Streets with Bob Law”

Tony Goldwyn – Actor/Activist

Wendi White – Economist

Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta  - American Politician/Activist



In closing I want to remark that my current employment contract with Paradise Keepsakes T/A Da Pig Beach. (Beginning on the 7th of June 2021) stipulates that I work from Da Pig Beach location. Yet in my capacity as a Business Support Officer for Da Pig Beach, I work from a makeshift office right next to a pulsing music speaker. While this is not unenjoyable, it is also not necessarily conducive to a proper working environment. My task is triple: hostess to many a happy tourist, IT technician and social media publicist. Each capacity must be adequately provided for in order for me to fulfil regular duties.

In order to carry out my duties as hostess and abide by the contractual stipulation to be at Da Pig Beach from 8 Am to 4pm I need transportation. Da Pig beach is a distant location and I have yet to obtain reliable transportation that does not cost me $60 one way, per day. I cannot afford this on a salary of $1,600 per month. I would appreciate a stipend for vehicular transportation to and from Da Pig Beach.

For my IT services and social media promotion I need a dedicated internet connection. At the moment I have little to no internet access. If I borrow the tiny Wi-Fi device currently available I deprive the bar of music and when they have this device they deprive me of my necessary dedicated 150MBPS internet service I need.

I appreciate the request to prove my worth to any employer but I must also extend that challenge to that same employer so they can appreciate the need for an adequate office environment and proper equipment necessary for me to effectively do three jobs.

As of this date 11th June 2021 I have yet to carry out rudimentary IT tasks because of lack of reliable internet service. Should I make changes to a webpage and the service drops out unexpectedly those changes are lost and I have to begin again. My qualifications have to be met with necessary infrastructure.

But I am patient and look forward to growing with this company.


Update 15th 2021

Today our department Marketing, Transport ad Operations received a dedicated WiFi box. Internet work is now moving at a pace. We are simply waiting for our logo.

Saturday, 27 February 2021 17:46

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I’m Guzzy Cash from Tea Hut.

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My best,

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Tuesday, 05 January 2021 06:16

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Tuesday, 22 December 2020 19:50

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Tuesday, 22 December 2020 17:15

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Sunday, 18 October 2020 10:09

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Thursday, 08 April 2021 12:00

My Dada, Eric Patrick Cash

We forever celebrate the earthly birthday week_ 8th - 14th April_ of "Pat Cash."

He was, without a doubt, THE WORLD'S KINDEST, MOST HANDSOME MAN! He was this internally and externally.

"Tall, dark and handsome," truely charismatic, with a deep commanding broadcaster's voice, "Pat Cash" was a star to everyone who saw him.

Everyone, including movie stars, did double takes when he walked by asking "Who is that?" to which others would reply, "Don't you know the great Pat Cash?!" They called him "CashMoney," "SuperCash" and "Star!"

No movie star ever came close to him. Many he worked with asked why he was not in Hollywood and tried to convince him to go there. But, he amused, replied in island speak_ "I is mahn. I culture. I true, true islan' boi, m'brudda mahn."

Women shamelessly threw themselves at him.

Men realized no matter how well dressed or monied they were, they could never be him.

Eric 'Pat' Cash, Jr. was born in Nassau, the Bahamas on 8th April 1950 to Alberta Cecilia, nee’ Pettee and Eric B. Cash, Sr., high school French teacher and musician in the decades entertaineing Louie Adams band, at the exclusive Lyford Cay Club.

He learned academics from his mother, originating from black, South India, formerly a school teacher who was lauded as "The smartest girl in these islands,"she was ready for college by age 15.

He learned music from his father, a composer, Sorborne-Paris music student and gated Lyford Cay musician who volunteered piano, multiple instruments and French lessons to underprivileged children, youth & performing adults.

He learned business from an industrious grand-mother figure, aunt “Lala,” who told him of his multinational ancestry as he digilently worked in her shoppe, which supplied local community needs, before supermarkets were known of.

He learned manly arts and practical skills from his beloved “uncle ‘Mon,” an esteemed boat builder for wealthy, international clients,

He learned spirituality and philosophy from long sessions with borrowed bthatooks from private libraries, convent sisters, priests and teachers at Our Lady’s and at St. Augustine’s College. He searched and began to understand that "There is ONE GOD, and HIS Naam / Name is TRUTH."

 Being the eldest son in a family that produced 12 children, when times were hard, because hotels were closed during off-season, he worked numerous jobs to help finance his siblings’ education. He always shared his money with his beautiful mother, who lovingly distributed it amongst her children.

He was a handsome, brave, athletically gifted young man with a booming voice, infectious laugh and a brilliant, fearlessly inquisitive, spiritual mind. Sisters at his primary school teased him that he was "a big fish in a small pond.”

In 1969 Eric Patrick Cash graduated as “Head Boy” / President of the student body from Saint Augustine’s College, Fox Hill Bahamas,


In 1973, Pat earned a Mass Communications degree at the Jesuit Marquette University at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States.

He interned at TV stations in Milwaukee. He worked at and received an offer from CBS Network to be news floor director in New York City. But, he left it as a permanent job, following his heart and choosing to return home to build “a culturally rich Bahamas.”




Internationally Eric Patrick Cash applied his B.A in Mass Communications through many motion pictures visiting our uniquely, lovely islands.

Among these, he was many "firsts", such as_Assistant to the Producer for the movie “Into the Blue” (2005) starring Paul Walker and Jessica Alba.

He provided production services for the James Bond movie “Casino Royale” (2006) starring Daniel Craig, whose assistant and limosine driver he was.

He was the first ever Bahamian to hold the position of 2nd Assistant Director of a foreign film, “Matrimonio alle Bahamas” (Wedding in the Bahamas 2007)

Unexpectedly, while working behind the scenes, he found himself requested to cameo in a “Better in the Bahamas” tourism ad broad cast commercial during the 2009 Miss Universe Contest, hosted in the Bahamas.


His handsome visage gave rise to a flurry of phone calls from fans wanting to know “Pat, was that really you on TV, again?”


After years of production work in movies, documentaries (Murder in Paradise 2013), music videos (Shania Twain/Lionel RitchieEndless Love” 2014) and commercials (Bahamar 2015) and extensive photo shoots as THE “Fixer Supreme,” Eric Cash shifted his media attention to focus more on media driven historical and cultural education for children.


Back in the 70's, also after a brief stint as a high fashion model, where he met my Mother, while working at CBS in NYC, he returned home to work as media director for "Cumberland House," a famous nightclub listed in Playboy magazine as THE hot spot to visit in Nassau. Why? Because, during his tenure there, he was responsible for keeping everyone dancing the night away.

Then, he put together the music sensation “Dr. Off” and produced a number of hit songs, including “Get Involved” and “Junk, Junk, Junkanoo.” Ty Fitzgerald, lead vocalist of the band received help from Pat at the behest of Ty’s cousin Munnings. Pat saw in Ty a talented poet and was enthusiastic to assist. He used all of his available resources and sister Jennifer Cash’s car for the successful project. He often said_ “Creatives need help from other creatives.”

He believed that “each person’s GOD-given specialty made our National unity part of GOD'S multi-Universe's "music-of-the-spheres.” Both hit songs became a rousing call to the Nation to choose more carefully, based on internal virtues, ethics and principles.



He wrote and produced a very special presentation, starring dancing and the "spoken word" by Bahamian children and youths called "Children of Atlantis" for ZNS television. It was a unique exploration of our geographical and spiritual Atlantean heritage. His dancing, singing star children were thrilled when Atlantis of Paradise Island, requested they perforn.

His LRU/Learning Resource Unit stint allowed welcome creative expression. There he wrote proposals for, directed, produced and hosted his own and fellow Creatives' children’s programs. One of which made him a local “star” is the televised program “It’s Academic.”

He started the "Junkanoo Arts Conservatory" dance school for disenfranchised children and later produced his own band "Cash" singing and rapping with his wife Helen S. D. Cash. Their song "Hands' Up" was a #1 hit in Freeport, Bahamas. An additional track "Light a Candle for Love" was also widely appreciated both as a soulfully conscious inspiration and instrumental track in the USA.




In this song Pat Cash delivers an unforgettable sermonette based upon ancient philosophical teachings.

Light a Candle For Love Sermonette

(Doop, Doop, Doop Doo Wop!)

We’ve Got To Be, What We’ve Got To Be.

(Do It For Love!)

We’ve Got To Do, What We’ve Got To Do.

(Doop, Doop, Doop Doo Wop!)

The Universe, Being A Process Of Dynamics

Things Which Are In Harmony Must Needs Come To Stand Still.

In Order To Transform Into A New Experience Of Harmony,

Stand Still Means Readying For A Change.

Understanding That A Bird Hatching An Egg Does Not Sing In Its Nest.

Remember, As You Crouch In A Posture Of Submission, Or Restraint,

Or Non-Assertiveness That It Is A Posture One Assumes

To Go Down Into, Or Beneath, In Order To Examine, To Repair, To Learn, To Re-energize.

And Therefore, Crouching May Be Taken As An Antecedent To Springing Out, Jumping Upon Or, Leaping Ahead.

For We’ve Got To Be What We’ve Got To Be.

And We’ve Got To Do What We’ve Got To Do.

We’ve Got To Be What We Oughta Was,

And We’ve Got To Do What We Oughta Done Do, To Be Free.

Do It, Do It, Do It.

Sing Children…


At Compass Point Studios he produced his, and song writer-poet-wife Helen's, music. He arranged and produced much unreleased music, one of which is the old anthem "Freedom Song" with Robert Palmer and Talking Heads members Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz.


In the early oughties (2000's) he wrote music and created a fantastic art piece for and produced "Water Water" with poet-rapper Silence, a tribute to Hurricane Katrina survivors.

Katrina hurricane art by Pat Cash



Pat Cash did not limit his efforts to strictly media endeavors. He was dedicated to promoting local socio-cultural economic independence and excellence in the Bahamas.

He reorganized the Botanical Gardens and the Produce Exchange.

At The BAIC/Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation, administered by community minded Hillary Deveaux, Eric Cash provided creative islanders of literature, arts and crafts sales opportunities and taught them “how to be a business.”

His excellent work inspired Mr. Deveaux, despite Pat’s vehement protests, to send him to work (again, for what he knew was to become a brief stint) at the Prime Minister’s Office as an Investment Promotions Officer for the Financiaa l Services Secretariat Department.

He introduced the concept of earning an independent living through expanding our crafts, but, not selling to the highest bidder. He argued that “In spite of being born within a narrow opportunity culture, we need to slow the ‘brain drain’ on this Nation which only enhances somewhere else.” He wanted to and did create “social inventions” which would encourage and provide opportunities for “our best” to stay home and enrich our own beautiful Bahamian culture.

“Pat Cash is the future of tourism” praised Tourism Minister, The Honourable Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace, to many colleagues during his own tenure there. Pat in turn said of him “V. V-W, is the most innovative and visionary of servants to the Nations wellbeing.”

Pat enthusiastically worked in the MoT with many domestic and international businesses. As a cultural expert working with the Honourable V. V-W, he redirected the focus of the Ministry of Tourism to “support the Nation’s families and provide opportunities to the true Bahamian cultural community.”

He initiated and carried out tours of our cultural nurseries called junkanoo shacks, giving them tourism attracting advice and economic growth. The outcome was the delight of thousands of tourists who sent him and the Ministry notes/faxes/e-mails saying “thank you for Pat Cash,” “had a great time becaue of Pat Cash” and “Pat Cash made our vacation the most interesting and exciting_ ever.” Needless to say there have been many return visits.

In fact, his dedication created worldwide, copycat “junkanoo” programmes in many international colleges & universes, enhancing their students graduation “credits” for learning our most simplistic junkanoo patterns and “riddims.” Many of these have expressed a strong desire to participate in and even rate in a true junkanoo “rushout.”


Over the decades Pat wrote more and more music, poetry, articles, plans and proposals for creating a just and peaceful Nation. He espoused the belief that “We are part of the world, and must promote global unity through cultural equality.” He worked to create appreciation without exploitation among Bahamians. He said that, “Without the interference of personal greed and/or special interest groups we could all experience selfless, harmonious cultural exchanges amongst each other and our world-wide tourists.”

He organized many youth groups in an ethic of community themed junkanoo and was an esteemed "Cultural Consultant" for fairs and festivals.

                         Eric Patrick Cash the The Legend Joseph Spence

Eric Patrick Cash appreciating and interviewing international, Bahamian legend Joseph Spence, circa early 1980's

He voluntarily initiated and was director of many free culturally oriented after school programs and self-reliant programs and opportunities for teen mothers and recidivist youths.

Pat worked with Hon. Daniel Johnson, Minister of Youth Sports and Culture who gave encouragement and entrée to Pats Culture Clubb after school program at Gerald Cash Primary School. He was encouraged in these efforts by the astute counselor Ms. Shelly Small who appreciated his patience, listening skills and concrete encouragement to fourth and sixth graders.

During this time he wrote and produced, with his production assistant, musician and IT daughter Ngozi "Guzzy" Cash, the song "No Bullying Allowed." The children took the lyrics given them, created their own beat and the result is the joyful song below.

Even after a grueling 2-4 hour stint as a "favorite" BahamaHost Lecturer, teaching Bahamaian history and culture, he volunteered his time, walking long distances (having no transportation) to faithfully conduct after school sessions. In these free after school programs he happily taught Bahamian culture to 6 to 12 year olds. They in turn loved him, affectionately calling him “Cashmoney” and making up happy songs about him during his school field trips. They are sure to miss him.


                                  Eric Patrick Cash before a school field trip


Another children’s program he organized and directed was “Flamingo Soccer Academy” for girls and boys with volunteer coaches at Carmichael Community Centre. Here is where skill-in-action and teamwork ethics were taught to our children. Later it became The Fyre Byrds Soccer Club.


Businessman Juan Bacardi sponsored this team. His young son visited, played with and even celebrated a birthday party with the delighted team and friends. They were staunch participants. 

The Rotary Club of Nassau sponsored team merchandise.

Additionally Pat Cash initiated a Flamingo Tennis Academy program for school children after Phys. Ed. teachers complained that their “couch potato” students lacked "physical co-ordination." So, renowned tennis pro’s Bradley Roberts and Juan Bacardi’s Lyford Cay Tennis Club instructors volunteered their Saturdays. They happily worked at improving eye/hand co-ordination and teaching students the basics of tennis. Some students discovered they were naturally gifted tennis players. The photos below, were taken by Pat Cash.





Picture of Tennis Pro Bradley Munnings with Tennis CLinic students.

Taken by Patrick Cash.



Eric Patrick Cash, "Headboy" / President of the student body

at his SAC Class of '69's 50 year Reunion, May 2019



Pat, Willie and "Sweet Lou" at "Willie's place," May 2019





 Just before his unexpected crossing-over-behind-the-veil, Pat Cash was seeking sponsorship, funds and pre-orders for self-publishing book one and two of the children’s trilogy he wrote and illustrated. He left behind historical poetry, numerous manuscripts and art. He primarily focused on producing his “No Bullying Allowed” campaign, offering multi-media products in the form of social media videos, downloadable MP3 songs and ebooks. These provide students, teachers, parents and children of all ages with the behavioral and restorative therapy necessary for any stable society. His immediate family has pledged to continue his legacy as he outlined it.

Click images below to read sample chapter from book two of his Dilly Trilogy



  Oh, how we LOVE and MISS you dearest Eric Patrick Cash.

We know that you are with GOD in true Satlok, that highest heaven and better place than this you touched with GOD'S grace.

Dedication from my dearest Mother and his beloved wife Helen to:

treasured GOD-loving SOUL; World Server; Nation builder; TV host; movie maker; BahamaHost instructor; University instructor; musician & dance instructor; choreographer-dancer supreme; cultural avatar / children's & adult's role model / heroe and generous star-maker of youth; my Bff/best-friend-for-life and beyond; tenderest, kindest heart; most generous provider; the best earthly husband ever; _ multitalented Eric Patrick “PAT” Cash_ now resident of true SATLOK, preparing for AMARLOK aka  HEAVEN, since 22 May, 2020­. I dedicate this poem to you to rid my grief, soothe my loss of GOD’S gift to the multi-universes:

"My love," you've not gone. You've flown home.

Here, you lived_ "Sat naam,"Sar nam"_ loaned.

Thank YOU “Immortal GOD,” Most Divine,

For YOUR gift to this World_ so kind;

For our true, everlasting love,

YOU bestowed 'pon us, from above.

Always, your "Ms. Punchi Mam" & always your "My T'ings."

(SAT NAAM means "There is ONE GOD, and HIS Naam / Name is TRUTH.")

(*SAR NAM means "Initiation.")


Helen & Eric at his Junkanoo Arts Conservatory debut on Paradise Island. Bahamas 1982.



Eric Patrick Cash

8 April 1950-22 May 2020


Sunday, 03 January 2021 19:42

Alicia Breeze

Minister, musician, creator, speaker and writer Alicia Breeze spoke with Damilola Eyiwunmi, host of the popular podcast @JustDamie on the dangers of being trapped in abusive Narcissistic relationships.

Through her personal testimony and articulate perspective on God and faith Alicia Breeze has empowered and equipped many people to escape all things Narcissism naturally, practically and Spiritually.

This podcast is a powerful discussion of self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-determination which (despite the pops and clicks of technical difficulties) will be heard loud and clear! Reboot your life with Alicia's New Years message



Sunday, 03 January 2021 19:48

Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta

I don't normally delve into politics. My forte is promoting education and entertainment projects, artists and entrepreneurs. But sometimes critical times call for critical measures and so this Saturday 2nd of January 2021, my publicity skills called for me to book Philadelphia state Representative Malcolm Kenyatta on "From
the Streets with Bob Law" WBAI 99.9 FM NYC.

Host Bob Law interviewed Representative Kenyatta about his valiant efforts to defend voter's rights and expose voter suppression when the Pennsylvania State Legislators (Committee on Election Integrity) tried to pass a Bill allowing candidates running in the election to block, by subpoena, mail-in ballots; and also subpoena election officials while they are running.
You can see this moment in history here:

Listen to the interview here for a better understanding of what was at stake and what Brother Malcolm did to prevent this travesty:

Representative Malcolm Kenyatta currently serves as Vice-Chair of the Philadelphia Delegation and as a member of the Governor’s Taskforce on Suicide Prevention and a host of committee leadership positions.
As a legislator, he has championed proposals to address generational poverty, raise the minimum wage, protect workers' rights, increase access to mental healthcare, common-sense measures to address gun violence, and protect our digital infrastructure.

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